About Battlefield 1 Game


They feel fast because they are.
When we talk about the computer’s game, it is not difficult to notice, that everyone wants to see, that all decisions, which are related with guns, would be very fast. Do you have the same wish and this time? Then we have a very good new for you – weapons on in this game feel very fast – faster than you except.

There are six categories of weapons.
But this is not the only wish of fans – they have one more wish. The fans of the game has and one more wish- they want to see lot of different weapons. So, at this time we have a very good new for you again – you will find in this game lot of different weapons. In the game you will see six categories of weapons. So, in this game you will see Shotguns, SMGs, LMGs, Semi Autos, Sidearms and Sniper Rifles.

There’s a ton of variety.
But this is not all variety, which you we find in this game – it is very important to say, that every type of weapon has a lot of variant. Moreover, we have and one more new – in this game you will see lot of the weapons of World War I. It is good chance for those, which are interested in the WorldWar I.

They are super effective.
When we talk about the weapons, it is important to say, that there some elements, what people are expecting from it: speed, variety and effect. So, the last element is very important, if you are interested in action and wants to reach the aim – to kill other person. So, we must to say, that the guns, which you will see in the game, are very effective.

Weapon customization is more focused.
We must to talk and about one more element of the weapons. This is size of them. We have very important detail lot of people think, that only the big size weapon can be effective. This is not truth, but we must to say one more important thing – in the Battfield you can find and a big size weapons. For this reason you can choose and different style of game.

Each weapon has up to three Pre-Sets.
Moreover, we must to say and one more thing – you will see Pre-Sets in the game. So, for this reason you can play in diffrents ways with the same weapons.

There are multiple types of melee weapons.
One more detail of this game is that, there you will find multiple of mellee weapons.

You’ll be able to perform bayonet charges.
We all know, that if you want to kill the enemies, at first you must to reach them. This game has some special functions, so do it will be more easier.

Frags aren’t the only grenade types.
One more thing we must to say about this game, is that frags aren’t the only grenade types.

The audio fidelity is top notch.
Let’s talk and about the sounds: the sounds of weapon are very real. Moreover, the audio fidelity is top notch.